All-Time WCAC champions

All-Time WCAC* Champions
Year WCAC Champion Runner-Up Score
2013 DeMatha Catholic St. John’s (D.C.) 31-10
2012 Good Counsel DeMatha Catholic 26-14
2011 Good Counsel
Gonzaga (D.C.) 42-0
2010 Good Counsel
DeMatha Catholic 42-3
2009 Good Counsel DeMatha Catholic 14-7
2008 DeMatha Catholic Good Counsel 34-7
2007 DeMatha Catholic Good Counsel 12-7
2006 DeMatha Catholic Good Counsel 20-14 (OT)
2005 DeMatha Catholic Good Counsel 21-20 (OT)
2004 DeMatha Catholic Good Counsel 30-29
2003 DeMatha Catholic Gonzaga (D.C.) 23-3
2002 Gonzaga (D.C.) DeMatha Catholic 12-7
2001 DeMatha Catholic Gonzaga (D.C.) 20-14
2000 DeMatha Catholic Bishop O’Connell (Va.) 28-0
1999 Paul VI (Va.) DeMatha Catholic 23-10
1998 DeMatha Catholic Gonzaga (D.C.) 49-13
1997 Gonzaga (D.C.) DeMatha Catholic 14-7
1996 Gonzaga (D.C.) Bishop McNamara 36-24
1995 DeMatha Catholic Gonzaga (D.C.) 10-0
1994 DeMatha Catholic Archbishop Carroll (D.C.) 24-12
1993 DeMatha Catholic Gonzaga (D.C.) 17-0
1992 DeMatha Catholic Archbishop Carroll (D.C.) 21-0
1991 DeMatha Catholic St. John’s (D.C.) 7-0
  Metro Conference    
1990 Bishop McNamara DeMatha Catholic x-x
1989 St. John’s (D.C.) DeMatha Catholic 29-13
1988 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.)
xxxxx x-x 
1987 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.)
xxxxx x-x 
1986 DeMatha Catholic xxxxx x-x 
1985 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.)
xxxxx x-x 
1984 DeMatha Catholic xxxxx x-x 
1983 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.) xxxxx x-x 
1982 DeMatha Catholic xxxxx x-x 
1981 Bishop McNamara xxxxx x-x 
1980 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.)
1979 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.)
xxxxx x-x 
1978 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.)
xxxxx x-x 
1977 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.)
xxxxx x-x 
1976 St. John’s (D.C.) xxxxx x-x 
1975 St. John’s (D.C.) Gonzaga (D.C.) 35-0
1974 St. John’s (D.C.) xxxxx x-x 
1973 Bishop McNamara xxxxx x-x 
1972 St. John’s (D.C.) Archbishop Carroll (D.C.) 7-6
1971 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.)
xxxxx x-x 
1970 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.)
xxxxx x-x 
1969 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.)
xxxxx x-x 
1968 St. John’s (D.C.)
Gonzaga (D.C.) 40-15
1967 DeMatha Catholic xxxxx x-x 
1966 DeMatha Catholic xxxxx x-x 
1965 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.)
xxxxx x-x 
1964 DeMatha Catholic St. John’s (D.C.) 20-13
1963 St. John’s (D.C.)
Gonzaga (D.C.) 43-3
  Catholic League
1962 St. John’s (D.C.)
xxxxx x-x 
1961 St. John’s (D.C.) xxxxx x-x 
1960 Archbishop Carroll (D.C.) xxxxx x-x 

The league currently known as the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference has undergone three name changes during its 50-plus year history. It has been known as the Catholic League and Metro League, as well as the WCAC.


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